The Builder is a tool initially made to create big files (similar to Zip or Rar archives) using a format specially conceived to allow efficient access on slow medias. Over time, and upon requests from game development teams, new features have been added, thus transforming the Builder from a simple file packager to a full-featured script language interpreter.

So far this tool has been successfully used in production on the following projects:

The two next generation games (in development currently for Microsoft's Xenon console, and later on Sony Playstation 3) at Eden Games also use the Builder to generate resource packages, automate the ClickSafe operations, launch nightly builds, ...

Quick description

The Builder is a simple executable that reads and executes instructions found in .BLD scripts. A BLD script can perform the following actions:

Development information

Here is some information about the development itself:

New instructions, functions, pre-defined variables can easily be added to the core engine using a standardized registration interface.