• Code, Graphics, Audio
    • Jonathan Bristow (Twilighte)

Cobra MK3

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Front view

Short range chart

General information


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Stormlord is finally available on your Oric system!

Jealous from your friends because they could play Stormlord on their C64 or Atari ST?
Stop crying, and enjoy this great Oric version!

Featuring smooth animation, clash-free colorful graphics1, multiple difficulty levels, full joystick support, etc...
Stormlord will keep you entertained with three levels packed with both action and puzzles.

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System requirements

To play this game, you need a 48KB Oric system2 with a tape player, or an emulator3
providing the equivalent feature set.

The game is compatible with the Oric-1, Atmos and Telestrat models.



If you like the game, if you have questions, if you want to post encouragement messages or suggestions, feel free to register on the Defence-Force forums and post your message in the official
Stormlord feedback and review thread


Stormlord is a Single Player 3 level platform game.

The aim of the game is to free all the fairies on each level before the time runs out.
The time is shown as a sun and moon in the score panel. As soon as a full day expires the time will run out and it will be game over.
The number of Fairies to free is shown in the bottom right of the Score panel.

The Number of fairies you have collected is displayed to the left of this.

The Score is in the centre and the number of lives to the far left.

Front view
Between each level is a bonus screen where you can gain more lives.
Holding down fire will blow kisses in the form of hearts at the fairies. If they hit a fairy she will shed a single tear. Collect the tear to gain an extra life.

If your score exceeds the highest score held you will be presented with the high score screen where you can enter your name (5 characters).


Cursor keys to move and Space bar to Fire.
  • Move Left - Cursor Left
  • Move Right - Cursor Right
  • Jump - Cursor Up
  • Fire Orb - Space Bar
  • Fire Sword - Hold space bar
  • Restart Level - ESC key

Pressing a Cursor key during the title screen will display the Options screen.
Move up and down with the cursor keys and left/right to change an option.
Fire will always start the game.

Commander Jameson

full - Full music and in-game sound
soft - half volume music and in-game sound
off - No music or in-game sound

By default Full is selected

music - Music will play in the game and
sfx - SFX only will play in the game and
highscore entry

By default Music is selected

  • keyboard - Cursor Keys and Space to Fire
  • ijk joy - The IJK interface is active in-game
  • pase joy - The ALTAI interface is active in-
    game. Sound will NOT be disabled.
  • tele joy - The Telestrat joystick is active
    in-game. The second fire is not
    supported in this game.

By default Keyboard is selected.

When a joystick interface is selected it will only become active on starting the game and the keyboard controls will still be active.

For all Joystick options. both joysticks will be read rather than left or right.

colour - All top graphics will be in
monochrome - All top graphics will be in

  • novice - Easy game
    You'll start with 9 Lives and get alot
    of time to spend on each Level.
  • normal - Normal game
    You'll start with 3 Lives and get a
    reasonable amount of time.
  • insane - Insane game
    You'll start with 1 Life (just like
    real life) and be expected to rush
    around like a headless chicken(again
    just like real life).


The game is spread over 3 levels. The first is set in the underworld beneath the lands of Stormlord. You can only traverse left or right to the next screen and to climb you must repeatedly jump onto higher ledges.
Stormlord can also fall any height so long as there is a floor beneath him.

You can restart a level by hitting the ESC key, but you will lose a life and your score will be restored to the value is was when you started the level.

The fairies are dotted around the landscape and expect nothing more than you to approach them to free them. They will dissapear on contact.

This is the same for other objects in the game.


dotted around the levels are various objects. Each Object has a specific purpose..


dotted around the levels are various objects. Each Object has a specific purpose..

The Key
The key will open any door but then you will lose the key.

The Honey
The Honey will attract Bees.

The Boots
The boots will make you jump higher

The Umbrella
the Umbrella will protect you from acid rain.

Also dotted around are Trampolines.
Trampolines transport you to other areas of the game.
In most places there will also be a trampoline to take you back.


Throughout Stormlords stomping ground are other creatures that strive to get in your way.

Spiders move up and down only.
Lobbing a few Orbs at them should destroy them.

This strange ball rises out of a launcher only to fall back inside and repeat.
It can be destroyed with a few orbs.

This vicious beast flies in from the side of
the screen and attempts to rip your head off.

Acid rain
These blue drops will dissolve your skin should you decide to take a shower.
They cannot be destroyed but the Umbrella will protect you.

These ground based insects shuffle along the ground and can kill you if they fall on you.

Bees like to buzz around Honey. If there is no honey then they'll buzz around pots.
They can't be destroyed but can be moved if you posess a Honeypot and can swap it for something else on the screen.

Egg Wasps
These nasty insects fall as eggs from the sky and on landing crack open to reveal wasps within.
The can be taken out with an orb or sword.


The game code, graphics, sound and gameplay was written by Twilighte (Jonathan Bristow).

The original game was written by Raffaele Cecco.

Many thanks to the following contributors to the game: Chema, Jede, Yann, Symoon, Ibisum, Dbug.

This game is dedicated to Symoon whose undeniable devotion to the Oric over the years has kept it alive for all of us.

Copyright, price and similar things

This game has been written by fans, for the fans. The game is entirely free.

1) A monochrom mode is also available.

2) This includes the Oric 1, Oric Atmos, and Oric Telestrat.
OSDK is not compatible with the first, original, machine in the Oric range (the Microtan 65).
If you never heard of Oric before, you can read about it on Wikipedia

3) This game should be compatible with the following emulators: Oricutron, Euphoric (and derived versions like Caloric or XEuphoric), Mess, Atoric, Amoric,
and probably some more.