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Version 0.6 of Audio Tracker

Version 0.6 addresses some bugs that existed plus some keys that were missing from the Editors.
Please note that this release is not compatible with any music files composed in previous versions. Currently the only way to import legacy music files is (using the legacy AT Version) save the List, Patterns and Ornaments separately then load them into AT 0.6. The Effects must then be manually rewritten.

  • Statistics menu has been redesigned and allows free Effects, Ornaments and Patterns to be jumped to from the Statistics menu.
  • Editors now refresh behind menus when menu option or action changes the data.
  • New SFX Editor added
  • Effects recoded with new commands (They are not backward compatible)
  • Pattern Noise and EG recoded and operate more cleanly
  • Grab optionally acts as a Grab Default function.
  • Key Editor tidied up
  • Highlighting, Play and Last/Next now working in Ornament Editor
  • Added French AZERTY layout to musical keyboards
  • Pattern Cursor is now also plotted in index for clarity of selected row.
  • The statusbar has been tidied a little
  • VRS note added in Pattern to Set the Volume in a Rest.
  • Note command added to Ornament Editor
  • Cursor can now wraparound to other side of main menu
  • Duplicates switch in Musical Keyboard corrected (For timed mode)
  • Home and End keys in pattern editor now keep cursor position intact
  • Ornament and Effect now initialise at start of playing properly
  • Last and Next Keys added to Ornament Editor
  • The cursor glow has (by default) been disabled
  • Song List Position in statusbar now 3 digit so can display all 127 positions
  • Manual fully reviewed
  • Various other smaller Bugs fixed
  • Tracks are now selectable from Music menu
  • New Tempo commands added for relative control of Tempo
  • Rest Key in Pattern Editor now selects both RST and VRS(Volume Rest)

Download Version 0.6 of Audio Tracker as Zip File .

Version 0.5 of Audio Tracker

Version 0.5 addresses a number of important issues. Please note that this release is not compatible with any music files saved with preferences of previous versions. To load a previous versions music it is recomended to use the previous version to save as a SONG type then load this into Version 0.5.

  • Significant reorganisation of all Editor Keys
  • New option to display keys pressed in statusbar (useful for planned video tutorials)
  • Headings now duplicated in Editor Key Lists that match those in manual.
  • New default settings for Instruments when entering notes
  • New Quick launch of Editors from Menu using Funct L/P/E/O keys
  • New Disk Release
  • Two simple Demo Songs provided on Disk (Video1 and Video2).
  • Videos of composing the Demo Songs

Download Version 0.5 of Audio Tracker Disk  as rar file
Download Version 0.5 of Audio Tracker Disk as Zip File

Version 0.4 of Audio Tracker

Version 0.4 is the next stable release of Audio Tracker, fixing a number of issues. Please note due to the authors error the version number in the Editor is still shown as 0.3.

  • Saving to Disk corrupted music by saving wrong range of locations
  • Play List Pattern in List Editor Added
  • Play Pattern in Pattern Editor Added
  • Remote Play in Pattern Editor Added
  • Remote Pause in Pattern Editor Added
  • Terminology change, Now Tunes are Tracks. All documentation updated
  • Ctrl Left and CTRL Right to Song List Editor to select between tracks Added
  • Pattern Tracking issue corrected
  • Website updated with latest additions and added Navigation to Home page from any page.

Download Version 0.4 of Audio Tracker Tape

Version 0.3 of Audio Tracker

Version 0.3 offers a number of fundamental fixes and enhancements over 0.2 as detailed below.

  • Playing Entries in Patterns now works correctly
  • Pasting Pattern buffer beyond bounds fixed
  • Removal of SID. SID proved too time consuming but will be implemented at a later stage.
  • Tracking highlight tracks correctly now
  • Silence key added to all editors
  • IRQ optimisation now working at least 50% faster!
  • Effect Loops extended to multiple conditional Loops

Download Version 0.3 of Audio Tracker Tape

Outstanding Issues

Their are still a number of outstanding issues. The following are a list of the known issues which will be corrected in due time. Please report issues to Defence Force Forum .

14012007-09 Dbug: support for Optical pen(Too Much extra code and tables for Version 1)
14012007-13 Dbug: How to do your first song tutorial - create one instrument, two patterns and save
15032007-05 Dbug: Character definitions for CTRL, FUNC, SHIFT is too close to right char.
15032007-06 Need small example tunes (preferably supported by video making it).
16032007-02 Add Key to Play from current cursor position in pattern
18032007-06 If Disc Full, errors out in basic (Needs symoons help)
20032007-06 Expand File Directory using memory that screenbuffer would have used (Big change)
22032007-05 Loading from tape now seems to hang together but corrupts menu
24032007-05 When playing the music, somethings still not quite right with EG between patterns.
24032007-08 Add Glissando facility to Pitchbend in patterns
26032007-01 Expand PatGuide to Contextual for all editors including keys to modify
13052007-21 Code Compiler
13052007-23 If Pattern entry is set to C-4F--<--- adjusting Noise(NS) column does not adjust Noise Pitch
13052007-24 Default Ornament Tempo and Note Tempo in menu get set if music contains Tempo commands
14052007-01 Exit to Menu exits to BASIC only - Menu needs to be written and chained to
14052007-03 Music Keys not highlighted in Ornament Editor
16052007-03 Add option to include EG and Noise when copying in pattern (M)
19052007-01 Add version number(Config006.AT9) to config filename
23052007-01 Modifier key not shown when displaying message aswell (Show key to left of editor title)
23052007-02 playing pattern whilst pattern is already playing causes corruption of sound
23052007-06 Playing not initialising channels (still have to put VRS0 on channels not used at start)
23052007-11 Channel Characters still not correct when using VRSx

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