L'équipe X The X Team
Twilight (Jonathan Bristow)
Concepteur des jeux Magnetix et Zip'n Zap, ainsi que des utilitaires tels que Sonix (Un programme pour composer et jouer des musiques sound chip), et Sound Tracker (qui comme son nom l'indique permet de faire des musiques à base de son échantillonés). Jon picture He creates the games Magnetix and Zip'n Zap, and some utilities like Sonix (a program for composing and playing sound chip musics) and Sound Tracker (same thing, but using real sampled sounds).
S'occupe de la lettre d'information qui concerne l'avancée du projet.
Responsable de tout ce qui concerne la musique, les bruitages, ainsi que tout ce qui a un rapport avec l'allocation mémoire.
S'occupe aussi de certains outils qui seront utilisés pour concevoir les décors et/ou les animations.
Handle the Newsletter, reporting on the project development.
Also handle the Music and Sample side of the game and memory management.
Create some tools dedicated to background and animations creation.

Euphoric (Fabrice Francès)
C'est le créateur d'Euphoric (l'émulateur Oric qui tourne sur PC), et le Web Master du site de l'Ensica et de l'Oric Web Ring. No picture !!! He's the author of Euphoric (the Oric emulator, runing on PC's), and the Web Master of Ensica's site, as well as Oric Web Ring foundator.
Will handle the Disc Access routines?, since i plan to use the top 16K of RAM for music data in the disc version of the game. Could you also write a small routine to switch out the ROM at startup.
In addition, could you handle the Central trajectory code. The code is required to expect two inputs. Angle of trajectory and velocity. In addition, the current X/Y coordinates may be read from a location in Page 2 in order that the missile or bomb sprite can set off from. Liase with DBUG for the Player control code

Jede (???)
Jede, can you create levels 4 through 6 observing the same rules as for Oguzhan. Can you also do some animations of the main Worm sprite. I would like to see this sprite no higher than 7 pixels and no wider than 6!, to give each worm a larger playing area. The number of animations can be up to 16 for each movement left and right. Use a character editor to create the animation and then send them to the group as a file for all of us to judge. As for further details, see the notes given to Oguzhan and Kamel. For Level Format, please refer to other parts of this newsletter.
Oguz (Oguzhan ?)
bla bla bla :) Oguz picture Need informations ! Present your self, please...
Creation of Level Screens from Level 1 through Level 3. Please adhere to the format as mentioned within this Newsletter. Can you also design some Worm animations using the same format as that used by Jede. Sending them to the group for judging. As for further details, see the notes given to Kamel and Jede. For Level Format, please refer to other parts of this newsletter.
Lothlin (Jim Groom)
Jim, might i ask you to handle the game Testing of the various sections of the game, reporting back to each individual via the group in general.
Kamel (???)
Kamel, can you do levels 7 through 9. Also, have a go at the Worm animations. These will consist of a cycle of animations to make the worm appear to move from left to right, from right to left, to crouch then jump, to hold a weapon and point it up,left right and down. As for further details, see the notes given to Oguzhan and Jede. For Level Format, please refer to other parts of this newsletter.
Dom (Dominic Pessan)
Additional Coding areas. These will become more apparent as time goes by. If you feel up to it, can you do some Worm animations. Following the same procedures as i have given Kamel, Oguzhan and Jede. Can one of you, or both of you also manage the French messages as set in english by Matt's task? If so, can you please contact David (if he agrees to the above) as far as message numbers and phrases required.
Matt (Matthew Coates)
David (David Goodrum)
Can you manage the English messages for the game?. This is a block of 640 Bytes used to hold all messages for the game. You will be contacted by various members of the group for messages to go into the game. Rely on a maximum of 64 messages to start with. These may be as simple as "OUCH!!" or "That really did hurt!". when a message is required, it is up to you to decide on the appropriate phrase to use, and to return the number of the message to the appropriate person. Eg. Number 10 ="OUCH!!" It is up to you to use 1 byte for each character used (including spaces and punctuation marks) and to limit the number of characters within the whole message block to 640 bytes. Please take note of each messages start position within the block, so that a table can be written at the end to point to each one.
Raul Hakli (Raul Hakli)
Hans (Hans)
Bernhard Groene (Bernhard Groene)
Laurent (Laurent)
Game ideas required of you lot, to be sent to the Group in general. This is an intrinsic part of the development of the project. If wanted, you may also become Game-Testers in order to deliver some constructive feedback. The group will need ideas on types of missiles and their characteristics, Level scenarios, Short effective sampled words!, Simple Melodies/Musical tunes and whatever else the group calls out for.
Alexios (Alexios)
Alexios, Can you do the Title Menu Screen (Observing the same HIRES inlay/Text ratio as previously described) and background Code. It is up to you to liase with the appropriate people to establish links to the other sections of the game. The titlecode will be an integral part of the game in memory, with only the game levels, Title screen (If in HIRES) hiscores and music files being stored on disc.
Rob (Rob Cook)
As yet, I have put Rob down for ideas towards the game. He could be a very valuable member of the group, being a competant Machine code programmer. Unfortunately, as yet, he is not on the NET, so I will leave it to him to suggest an area of the project he might find confortable with.
Stephen (Stephen Meachen)
Il a fait un joli petit assembleur 6502, avec un éditeur de texte incorporé, le tout visiblement utilisant les Windows MFC. Stephen picture Creatore of a new 6502 editor and assembler, working using Windows.
Reponsible within the group for any cassette version of the Worms game.
Geffers (Geoff Phillips)
We welcome Geoff Phillips to the group. Geoff, who recently sent me a small routine that can simply generate a level from two random seeds, has decided to join the project. As such, I have decided to put him in charge of Level generation and screen management.
Dbug (Mickaël Pointier)
Surtout connu pour ses démos et pour un jeu style "Dungeon Master" qui n'est pas prêt d'être fini ! Dbug's picture Well known for his demoes, and for a "Dungeon Master" like game, that's will not be finished before a long time !
Mike, can you handle the main Control System, comprising of the switching between the two players, the control of each player to set the angle and velocity of the trajectory and the setting of the weapon to be used.
Fabrice will hopefully be handling the Trajectory Code, so please contact each other accordingly.
Also, can you set up part of your site dedicating it to the Developing Project cycle.
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