Here is a screen shot of my thoughts on the game, Worms.
The bottom TEXT area still needs allot of work, but the rudimentary stuff is their. The central area that shows Missile 10, Bungie 00 is for a scroll window that is used to select the weapon for the appropriate Worm. The Double height text at the base of the screen is for scrolling messages that effect both players.
The AA Box in each players half is intended for an animation of the character, separate from the screen, a visual representation of a Worm setting the Angle and Velocity, or a death sequence.
The name is the name of the worm, indicated on screen by a flashing or highlighted (Inversed) worm. The number representative of the worms health.
The Top HIRES section might have these features
The wind speed indicated by Colourful falling Stars or rain or snow (Depending on how each person perceives them).
The water (In blue) will rise enveloping (Swallowing up) the land gradually to time the game accordingly and give a sense of urgency to the game-play.
The Worms are small, yes, but allow for a greater perspective over the land.
Missiles and trajectiles  would be in colour!, since most of the time, they'd be airborne.
The screen is slightly smaller because of the borders, this might increase speed of scrolling?
And also, since all the sprites are kept small, the speed of gameplay is held aloft (Faster).
Notice the trail behind the missile, just the previous few positions of the missile can really emphasise the movement!
The moon up in the top left might also gradually move across the screen, making the game more realistic!
Finally, the Water level also being indicated by the Overlaid Bars in the left/right Columns.