Yes, we're back again for another update. I thought it was about time to do one. I was feeling just a little guilty that I was spending all my spare time on Designing my WEB-SITE (Still not accessible) when there is some stuff accumulating in the game Development area.
Anyway, without further ado....
Owing to my recent proposal (Example screen of my impression of the style that Worms should look like) and the positive response from many within the group, we, as the group have decided to opt for this. If any of you missed out on this screen-shot, then no matter, I have enclosed it as an attached file to this newsletter.
The changes are only concerning the screen display. Geffers has agreed to this style format, for he is in charge of generating the levels.
This seems to be a good time to assign some more jobs to you lot since I've had mail from Oguz and Kamel not knowing what job they have anymore!
Steven Meachen
Responsible for any Cassette version of the game Worms
Rob Cook
Um, not sure at present, he still hasn't rung me back as regards his commitment to the project.
Responsible for game Level screen generation and screen update routines.
Title Menu Screen and background Code for it.
Ideas, *1 and Game testing
Symoon & Dominic
Ideas, *1 and French Messages
Ideas and *1
Player control system including trajectory and velocity setting animation drivers, control code, running game-play etc.
Disk access routines + Missile trajectory code
Ideas + *1
Ideas, Games Testing and *1
Laurent, Hans, Raul & Jede
Ideas + *1
Ideas, Games testing and *1
Ideas, English messages + *1
Ideas + *1
Music Drivers and compositions
This Newsletter, Memory manager and Game Director
Game Animation's
We need some of the best animation's for the sprite in the AA box as shown in the screenshot sent to you lot. Only the Groups choice of the best will go into the game
This comprises of a number of frames to represent each of the movements, the trajectory setting, the comical reaction to curtain circumstances and the death sequence.
Each frame is a 12 by 16 pixels, monochrome image.
If you don't have a tool for editing these frames, refer to a OBED91 (OBED) as placed on DBUG's home-page. This will allow the editing of up to 35 odd frames. It should suffice.
We will also need crude animation's on screen of the actual worm sprites in the play area. I say crude since these sprites are only 6 by 5 pixels in size.
Again, a suitable character editor will do the job, one is available in the form of CHED90 (CHED) on DBUG's site.
We all also need to establish what movement actions are to be bestowed on a worm.
Also, What range of weapons can be used against the opposition (enemy). Please send the weapons to the group (In words!).
Also, for my side, the music. Does everyone want a theme to each level?
Thet's it for now. If you have any queries, contact the group since where else do you turn?
Get going