Dear Member,
    Results are in of the survey to find the game to convert to the Oric.
But before I proceed with that, I'd like to detail the members once more...
Active Members (In alphabetical Order only)
Alexios Chouchoulas
David Goodrum
DBUG (Mike Pointier)
Fabrice Frances
Lothlin (James Groom)
Matthew Coates
Rob Cook
Twilight (Me, Jonathan Bristow)
Note: My E-Mail Address has changed to...
Please use this for all correspondence to me.
Observers (In alphabetical Order only)
These are members who will just, for the most part observe the development of the project. All members are encouraged and welcomed to put forward ideas about the game.
Bernhard Groene
Dominic Pessan
Hans Kraus
Laurent Chiachierini
Raul Hakli
Dave Dick
If any of you prefer to be known under your nick-names, then please notify the Group. If I have mis-spelt your name or placed you under the wrong category or missed out known members altogether, then I do apologise and ask that you get in contact either with myself or the Group in General.
This is a WWW project. If you send any Literature or letters to me by post (Snail Mail), please ensure they are in Printed form. I Emphasise this to reduce the work necessary to convert paper form into soft-form. This really only applies to members not on the NET.
During the development of the project, I suggest that if members wish to contact other members, they should do so whilst also sending the mail to me, this will enable me to collect the information about how the project is developing and send out any necessary information to you all.
It is also important to note that when the game is finished, it will be released as a shareware game, available to all through any members site and through CEO and OUM publications. This should remove any problems with copyright infringements.
So now to the survey...
The members who were invited to suggest 5 possible conversions are me, DBUG, Lothlin, Dave Goodrum, Fabrice Frances, Kamel, Matthew Coates, Alexios Chouchoulas, Rob Cook and Oguz Yamez (Have I spelt that right?).
All the group has responded and I thank you all for replying so soon.
The percentaged figure is the popularity in the context of all the games put forward.
12.5% Lemmings
12.5% Worms
7.5%   Zelda
5%      Dungeon Master
5%      Elite
2.5%   Thrust, Blip, Armalyte, Civilisation, Super Mario
2.5%   Pharoahs Curse, Chuckie Egg, The Hacker
2.5%   Wriggler, DPTLQ (2 Player), Pipemania
2.5%   Sentinel, Kings Quest, Millenium 2, Arkanoid
2.5%   Sim-City, Graphic Adventure Creator, Archon
2.5%   Diablo, Leasure Suit Larry, Bubble Bobble
2.5%   Deflektor, Loderunner, Rambo, R-Type
2.5%   Pitstop/Motorhead!,Yie ar Kung Fu
2.5%   Football Game
Now, this is a bit awkward, we all seem to be pointing to Lemmings and Worms!. I suggest that if any one of you wants to change his/her mind, then get in touch before 12 Midnight of Tuesday 27th October, otherwise I will make the final choice.
Also, if i misunderstood the name of a game as meaning a genre of a game, then please enlighten me by choosing a Popular title out of the list above.
I mention this beacuse of some similarities betwean Kings Quest, Leasure suit Larry and a Graphic Adventure Creator.
A Full table of the survey results is available in Word97 Format. If you would like to see it, then please contact me and i shall e-mail it to you.
The next news-letter will go out hopefully on Wednesday, releasing the final Verdict of the game to do for the Oric.