“Yeah, awesome!”

“What do you mean by 'this is not a real quote'?”

“All your websites are belong to us.”

“I will sue you for using my meme!!!”

“Old computers never die .. their users do!”
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Made with the OSDK

by Defence Force

“One of the best Oric demos”

Released in 2003

“This is a really great demo. The graphics and effects really are the best yet. I particularly enjoyed the ducks, the record player and 'I see, I see'. The music is also excellent.”

“Fantastic demo!!!! Who said 8-bit is dead??? Wonderful work guys. I agree that the turntable is the most intreaguing part of the demo.”
The Spider

“ How is it possible to do such things with an Oric ? I loved the rolling disk , Yeah let move your Body :D”